Microsoft Office 2019 Step by Step

This is learning made easy. Get more done quickly with Office 2019. Jump in wherever you need answers - brisk lessons and colourful screenshots show you exactly what to do, step by step. - Covers Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook - Format Word documents for maximum visual impact - Build powerful, reliable Excel workbooks for analysis and reporting - Prepare highly effective PowerPoint ...

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Abnormal Psychology : An Integrative Approach (with CourseMate Printed Access Card)

PRESCRIBED TEXT FOR HPS308 AT DEAKIN, SEMESTER 2 2013 Balancing biological, psychological, social, and cultural approaches, David Barlow and V. Mark Durand's groundbreaking integrative approach is the most modern, scientifically valid method for studying abnormal psychology. In this Sixth Edition of their proven ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY: AN INTEGRATIVE APPROACH, Barlow and Durand successfully blend ...

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The Case for Trump

Yes, President Trump is vulgar, petty, cruel, and occasionally incoherent, but he is also a political maestro with an impressive record in office who champions forgotten Americans, argues this enthusiastic apologia. Hanson (The Second World Wars), a Hoover Institution scholar of classics and military history and National Review columnist, credits Trump's tax cuts, deregulation initiatives, and ...

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Julie King's Everyday Photoshop Elements 3

Learn to use all the versatile features Photoshop Elements has to offer. Using full-color, step-by-step examples, photographer and Photoshop Elements expert Julie King explains how to use this powerful program to repair and enhance digital images, whether from your scanner or digital camera. You'll learn to hide defects, correct color and exposure, adjust focus, prepare photos for print or the ...

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End of the Megafauna the Fate of the World's Hugest, Fiercest, and Strangest Animals

Until a few thousand years ago, creatures-"megafauna"-that could have been from a sci-fi thriller roamed the earth. With a handful of exceptions, all are now gone. Ross MacPhee explores the question of what caused the disappearance of these prehistoric behemoths, examining the extinction theories, weighing the evidence and presenting his conclusions. He comments on how past extinctions can shed ...

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The Jewish Study Bible

First published in 2004, The Jewish Study Bible is a landmark, one-volume resource tailored especially for the needs of students of the Hebrew Bible. It has won acclaim from readers in all religious traditions. The Jewish Study Bible combines the entire Hebrew Bible-in the celebrated Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation-with explanatory notes, introductory materials, and essays by ...

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Learn Adobe Illustrator CC for Graphic Design and Illustration (2018 release)

This study guide uses text integrated with video to help learners gain real-world skills that will get them started in their career in graphic design and/or illustration and lays the foundation for taking the Illustrator Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam. A mix of project-based lessons, videos, and quizzes throughout prepares beginning learners for an entry-level position in a competitive job ...

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Tax Kit 2: Fundamental Tax Legislation 2013 + Principles of Taxation Law 2013

This is a prescribed text for CLAW6026 at the University of Sydney for Semester One, 2013.

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Developing Enterprise Web Services: An Architect's Guide

Build Web services with enterprise-class reliability, performance, and value. Web services are transforming IT, and represent a powerful new way to reduce cost and drive top-line growth throughout the enterprise. This book takes a no-nonsense view of architecting and constructing enterprise-class Web services and applications. The authors expertly assess the current state of the Web services ...

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Office 2019 for Dummies

Now updated and revised to cover the latest features of Microsoft Office 2019 The world's leading suite of business productivity software, Microsoft Office helps users complete common business tasks, including word processing, email, presentations, data management and analysis, and much more. Whether you need accessible instruction on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or Access-or all of the ...

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Affected: Emotionally Engaging Customers in the Digital Age

How can you create meaningful connections with customers in the digital space? The rapid emergence of new technologies has revolutionized the way companies build relationships and interact with their customers. Today, it's more important than ever to have an emotional understanding of customers and how they feel about a product, service, or business, even when your primary interactions are via ...

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A Guide to Business Law 21st edition

PRESCRIBED TEXT FOR: Institution: ICMS (International College Of Management, Sydney) Course: LAW200 | Basic Business Law ICMS - Feb 2019 A Guide to Business Law, 21st edition has been updated throughout to reflect changes affecting business and commercial practices in Australia occurring following the publication of the 20th edition. The work still maintains a national focus on business law, ...

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Classic American Crime Fiction of the 1920S

A riveting collection of five of the most famous crime novels of the 1920s, presenting anew some of the most admired authors of the era-with insightful annotations by the Edgar-winning anthologist Leslie S. Klinger. American crime writing was reborn in the 1920s. After years of dominance by British authors, new American writers-with fresh ideas about the detective and the mystery-appeared on the ...

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Employee to Entrepreneur - the Mindset, Methods and Tools to Help You Earn Your Freedom and Do Work That Matters

Make the leap and become an entrepreneur today Are you living for the weekend? Are you dissatisfied at work? Are you itching to do something that is important to you? How can you avoid the pitfalls that many first-time entrepreneurs have fallen into? How do you explore whether entrepreneurship is right for you without giving up your day job? Employee to Entrepreneur is your guide to leaving your ...

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My iPhone for Seniors

iPhone working just the way you want. The tasks include how to: - Connect to the Internet, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi networks, and other iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads; take advantage of AirDrop to instantly share with other iOS and Mac users around you - Use Siri to get information, write texts and emails, set reminders/appointments, and more just by speaking to your iPhone - Customize your ...

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BSBITU304 Produce spreadsheets (Excel 2016) workbook

This workbook covers the skills and knowledge to design and produce electronic presentations for speakers, for self access and online access using Microsoft Excel 2016. Parameters of Product ISBN: 978-1-925291-26-1 Unit code: BSBITU304

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BSBFIA302A Process payroll using MYOB AccountRight v19.10 current as at 1 July 2014 suitable for BSBFIA302

This workbook is designed to provide the competencies in BSBFIA302A Process payroll. It covers the skills and knowledge required to record and prepare payroll documentation, deal with enquiries in regard to payroll, and process payroll from provided data in manual or computerised payroll systems. This workbook has been written to the 2014-2015 financial year. Superannuation information and ...

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HRM Fundamentals, 3rd Edition

PRESCRIBED TEXT FOR: Institution: Wodonga TAFE - Full Year 2015 Course Code: BSB41013 Subject: Cert IV in Human Resources This edition has been revised and updated to align with the new Certificate IV in Human Resources (BSB41013). This is the only comprehensive text published to date that is written specifically to address HR certificate IV level units of competence and their related ...

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book cover

BSBADM307 Organise schedules with Outlook 2016 supplement

ISBN: 978-1-925291-58-2 This learning guide covers the skills and knowledge required to manage appointments and diaries for personnel within an organisation, using manual and electronic diaries, schedules and other appointment systems. It includes a supplement workbook for Microsoft Outlook 2016. Parameters of Product: ISBN: 978-1-925291-58-2 Unit code: BSBADM307

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book cover

Bundle: Bookkeeping and Accounting Essentials + Bookkeeping and Accounting Essentials - Workbook

This pack contains: Bookkeeping and Accounting Essentials, 2nd Edition Author/s: Robert Rodgers, Peter Lucas Published: 2014 ISBN: 9780170254823 Bookkeeping and Accounting Essentials - Workbook ISBN: 9780170254830 This second edition of Bookkeeping and Accounting Essentials has been revised to ensure alignment with the requirements of Certificate IV Financial Services Bookkeeping, to address ...

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BSBITU402 Develop and use complex spreadsheets (Excel 2016)

This workbook covers the skills and knowledge required to use spreadsheet software to complete business tasks and produce complex documents using Microsoft Excel 2016. ISBN: 978-1-925291-30-8 Unit code: BSBITU402

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