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Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective 2006: 4th International Edition (4th US Edition ISBN: 0131854615) - **PUBLISHER OUT OF STOCK INDEFINITELY. PLEASE CONTACT BOOKWARE CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR AVAILABILITY**

by: Efraim Turban ; Dave King ; Jae Kyu Lee ; Dennis Viehland

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Publisher: PRENTICE HALL,9.8.2005


ISBN: 0131976672
ISBN13: 9780131976672

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For undergraduate and graduate courses in Electronic Commerce.

For instructors looking for the most comprehensive, managerial, research based book on how corporate business uses e-commerce and less emphasis on technological underpinnings and development. Turban is the #1 best seller in the business school market.

New To This Edition

NEW - Chapter 15 "The Economics of EC"

NEW - Chapter 4 "Market Research and Advertisement in EC," combination of chapters 4 and 5 from the previous edition

NEW - "Research Topics" feature added to the end of each chapter

UPDATED - Major revision of chapters 17 "E-supply chain, Intrabusiness, Corporate Portals, and C-Commerce," 16 "Launching a Successful Internet Business," and Web chapter 18 "Building EC Applications"

UPDATED - Resources, references, and real-world cases

EXPANDED - Coverage of new topics such as RFID, Homeland security, and electronic voting

EXPANDED - Online support including additional material for each chapter available on the student Companion Web site: www.prenhall.com/turban

Features and Benefits

For instructors looking for the most comprehensive, managerial, research based book on how corporate business uses e-commerce and less emphasis on technological underpinnings and development. Turban is the #1 best seller in the business school market.


Does your e-commerce text manage to keep pace with this ever changing field? Would you be interested in a book that strives to stay abreast of this information?

  * Most current and comprehensive coverage of e-learning, e-government, e-strategy, web based supply chain systems, collaborative commerce, mobile commerce and ec economics.

              o Examples: CH. 8 (e-learning p. 345/e-government p. 330), CH. 7 (SCM p. 279), CH. 9 (mobile p. 375), CH. 14 (e-strategy p.590), CH. 15

(economics on ec).


Do you want a text that is reflective of what is going on in today's business climate?

  * "Managerial Issues" section featured in the final section of every chapter.

  * End of chapter application cases highlights real world problems as organizations attempt to implement e commerce.

              o Offers students current depictions of how organizations and manager adapt to doing business in


                          + Example: how Bikeworld fulfills orders (Ch. 13 p. 545)


Is your text based on the most up-to-date research in the field?

  * Note references at the end of each chapter highlight most articles of 2004-2005 vintage.


What type of homework do you assign? Do you want a wide assortment of homework material?

  * Rich collection of exercises-Includes role-playing exercises, approximately 700 review and discussion questions, and classroom projects.

              o Measures students' comprehension and ability to apply knowledge, helps develop critical thinking skills, and fosters teamwork.

Do you look for a text that offers extensive in-text resources to drive the concepts home?

  * Extensive pedagogy-Includes Chapter Outlines, Learning Objectives, Opening Vignettes, Application Cases, Insights and Additions, Exhibits, Managerial Issues, Research Topics, Review Questions, Marginal Glossary and Key Terms, Chapter Summaries, and end-of-chapter exercises.

              o Helps students summarize the concepts introduced and digest the essentials of each section, by measuring their comprehension and their ability to apply knowledge.

Do you want to provide students with good study tools?

  * Section Review Questions and 'Insights and Additions' boxes.

  * Extensive Companion Web site - Features an Online Study Guide, Internet Exercises, PowerPoints, Web Chapter 18, Web Appendices A-D, Tutorials, and additional chapter material to enhance each chapter.

              o Provides students with extra opportunities to learn and understand the

                  concepts presented.

Table of Contents

Electronic Commerce 2006 A Managerial Perspective (4E)


Part I Introduction to E-commerce

Ch 1 Concepts and Essentials of Electronic Commerce

Ch 2 E-marketplaces and Economic Impacts

Part II B2C EC-Internet Marketing

Ch 3 Retailing in Electronic Commerce (E-Tailing)

Ch 4 Market Research and Advertisement in Electronic Commerce
Part III B2B and C-commerce

Ch 5 Company-Centric B2B

Ch 6 B2B Exchanges and Services

Ch 7 E-supply Chain, Intrabusiness, Corporate Portals, C-commerce

Part IV Other EC Models and Applications

Ch 8 E-Government, E-learning, C2C, Knowledge Management

Ch 9 Mobile Commerce and Pervasive Computing

Part V EC Support Services

Ch 10 Auctions

Ch 11 E-Commerce Security

Ch 12 Electronic Payment System (B2C, B2B)

Ch 13 Order Fulfillment and Other Support Services

Part VI EC Strategy and Implementation

Ch 14 EC Strategy and Implementation

Ch 15 The Economics of EC

Ch 16 Launching a Successful Internet Business

Ch 17 Legal and Social Impacts and EC Future

Part VII Application Development (Online Only)

Ch 18 Building EC Applications

Online Tutorials

T 1. EC Business Plan

T 2. Supply Chain

Online Appendices

Current EC Research

Technical Appendices

1. Infrastructure for EC

2. Web Page Design and Creation

3. Web Programming

4. Software Agents