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Create Your Own Website, 2nd Edition - This is an old edition, for the 3rd edition please refer to ISBN: 0672329263 -

by: Scott Mitchell

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Publisher: SAMS,21/09/2005

Category: WEB DESIGN Level:

ISBN: 0672328267
ISBN13: 9780672328268

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If you, like millions of other people, have ever dreamed of creating your own website but haven't actually done so because you think it will be too difficult, think again. Chances are, you already have all the skills you need to create a website and Create Your Own Website, Second Edition will show you how to use them. Walk through the entire website building process, from registering a domain name to uploading web pages, with the author at your side. Specifically, you will learn how to create:

A family website
A hobby website
An eBay storefront
A blog
An image sharing directory
If you can use a word processor, you can create your own website with what you already know and the help of this book!

Table of Contents

  Welcome to Create Your Own Website!

1. Creating Your First Web Page.

  The Components of a Website

  Serving Web Pages with a Web Server

  Understanding Website Domain Names

  Web Pages, the Building Blocks of a Website

  Building Web Pages Using Web Page Authoring Software Tools

  Installing the Mozilla Browser

  Starting Mozilla Composer

  Creating a Web Page with Mozilla Composer

  Changing the Font

  Making Text Bold, Italic, and Underlined

  Changing the Colors

  Positioning Text

  Saving the Web Page


2. Creating a Website.

  Finding a Web Host Provider

  Important Web Hosting Metrics

  Picking a Web Hosting Company

  Registering a Domain Name

  Choosing and Buying a Domain Name

  Configuring the Domain Name

  Uploading Web Pages from Composer to Your Website

  Building a Website from a Template


3. Creating a Family/Personal Website.

  Examining the Family/Personal Template

  Customizing the Template

  Changing the Upper-Left Image

  Specifying Image Properties

  Removing the Image Altogether

  Changing the Font

  Adding and Removing Pages from the Template

  Customizing the Family Pictures Page

  Adding New Images

  Publishing Your Family/Personal Website

  Placing Linked Files in the Same Folder

  Testing the Website


4. Creating an Online Storefront.

  Examining the eCommerce Website Template

  Customizing the Homepage

  Configuring the Add to Cart Buttons

  Creating a PayPal Merchant Account

  Getting the Add to Cart Button HTML

  Adding the Add to Cart Button into the Template

  Tying It All Together-A True Online Shopping Experience

  Viewing the Shopping Cart


5. Selling Products with an eBay Store.

  Simplify the Sales Process with eBay Stores

  Creating and Customizing Your eBay Store

  Managing Your Store

  Adding Products to Your eBay Store

  Collecting Payments and Order Fulfillment

  Taking Advantage of Marketing Tools

  Sales and Traffic Reports

  Inspecting Your Site's Traffic

  Tracking Sales


6. Creating a Blog with Blogger.

  What Do You Blog About?

  Creating a Blog

  Adding Content to Your Blog

  Customizing Your Blog

  Examining the Basic Tab

  Altering the Blog's Appearance Through the Formatting Tab

  Managing Comment Settings

  Archiving Old Content

  Working with Postings Via Email

  Republishing Your Blog

  Customizing the Blog's Template


7. Sharing Images Online with SnapFish.

  Choosing an Online Image Sharing Service

  Creating an Account on SnapFish

  Uploading and Managing Your Digital Pictures

  Adding Pictures to Your Account

  Edit and Delete Your Pictures and Albums

  Sharing Your Pictures and Albums with Friends and Family

  Ordering Prints and Gifts


8. Bonus Material.

  HTML-The Language of Web Pages

  Understanding How the Internet Works

  Examining How the Postal Service Works

  The Internet As a Virtual Postal Service

  Optimizing Your Digital Pictures

  Resizing Digital Images