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Essentials of Investments, 9th Edition

by: Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan Marcus

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Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL,31.10.12

Category: FINANCE Level: B/I/A

ISBN: 0078034698
ISBN13: 9780078034695

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The market leading undergraduate investments textbook, Essentials of Investments, 9e by Bodie, Kane, and Marcus, emphasizes asset allocation while presenting the practical applications of investment theory. The authors have eliminated unnecessary mathematical detail and concentrate on the intuition and insights that will be useful to practitioners throughout their careers as new ideas and challenges emerge from the financial marketplace. The Ninth Edition includes increased attention to changes in market structure and trading technology, while continuing to be organized around one basic theme ? that security markets are nearly efficient.

Key Features

McGraw-Hill?s Connect Finance offers a number of powerful tools and features to make managing assignments easier, so you can spend more time teaching. Students can engage with their coursework anytime and anywhere, making the learning process more accessible and efficient. In short, Connect Finance facilitates student learning and optimizes your time and energies, enabling you to focus on course content, teaching, and student learning.

  Create and deliver online, auto-graded homework assignments, quizzes, and tests directly from the end-of-chapter materials or test bank. Problems are available as both static and algorithmic problems, and there are also multiple-choice conceptual questions.

  Students receive immediate, detailed feedback on their assignments, allowing them to focus on the areas where they need improvement.

  Questions mapped to AACSB skill areas, Bloom?s Taxonomy levels, and difficulty level enable you to run reports that assess specific learning outcomes.

  Detailed Feedback offers the option to present worked-out solutions to the problem, showing the students each step of the process.

  Prep Courses are available for Math, Statistics, Accounting, and Economics, and are comprised of animated tutorial modules with quiz questions. They get students up to speed on the basics so they will be ready for the more complex Finance topics.

  A Self Quiz and Study program allows students to evaluate their performance through a practice test and then receive recommendations for specific readings from the text, supplemental study material, and practice work that will improve their mastery of each learning objective.

  Pre-built assignments are available to save you set up time.

Connect Plus Finance. This packaging option combines all the great features of Connect Finance, along with access to an online version of Essentials of Investments, 9e, so that students can easily refer back to the text for review and guidance. This media rich e-book links directly to tutorials and online resources.
Every chapter has been reviewed and revised to give instructors and students the most modern, up-to-date textbook available. All tables and figures have been updated where necessary, and examples have been updated to reflect current issues and happenings in the dynamic world of investments. Also, the following key content updates and additions have been done for this edition.

  Chapters 1 (Investments: Background and Issues) and 2 (Asset Classes and Financial Instruments) have been updated with major new sections on securitization, the roots of the financial crisis, and the fallout from the crisis.

  Chapter 3 (Securities Markets) includes extensive new sections that detail the rise of electronic markets, algorithmic and high-speed trading, and changes in market structure.

  Chapter 14 (Financial Statement Analysis) includes all-new motivation and rationale for how ratio analysis can be organized to guide one?s analysis of firm performance.

See the book preface for more additions and content updates.
To further link theory with practice, end-of-chapter problems contain practice questions for the CFA Exams provided by Kaplan Schweser, a global leader in CFA education. These questions are tagged with an icon for easy reference.
Plentiful, high quality end-of-chapter material includes a chapter summary, key terms with page references, Problem Sets (split by level of difficulty), CFA Problems, Excel problems with templates available on the OLC, Solutions to Concept Check questions, and Internet Activities. Appendix B lists each CFA question and the level and year of the CFA exam from which it was derived.
Numerous Excel Applications and Problems are included where appropriate. This feature starts with an example presented in the chapter, briefly discusses how a spreadsheet can be valuable for investigating the topic, shows a sample spreadsheet, asks students to apply the data to answer questions, and then directs students to the web to work with an interactive version of the spreadsheet. Select chapters also contain Excel problems and are denoted by an icon. Excel spreadsheets are found on the book website at www.mhhe.com/bkm.
Numbered Equations are called out in the text and identified by equation numbers. Separate numbered and titled examples are integrated in the chapters and indicated by a colored sidebar. Using the worked-out solutions to these examples as models, students can learn how to solve specific problems in a step-by-step manner as well as gain insight into general principles by seeing how they are applied to answer questions.
One WebMaster box is included among of the end-of-chapter material. These help students practice and understand how to work with investment topics on the web. In addition, websites related to chapter topics are featured among the OLC to teach students how the chapter material relates to the real world of investments.
Current articles from financial publications such as The Wall Street Journal are featured as boxed readings, entitled On the Market Front. Each box is discussed in the narrative of the text to strongly link the real-world relevance to the chapter topics.
Unique Chapter 21 (Taxes, Inflation, and Investment Strategy) shows how individuals can plan investment and savings strategies that account for the interaction of taxes and inflation. The chapter treats personal finance issues in a rigorous manner, and complements the material already presented on active institutional investment management.
StockTrak Discount Coupon for $5 OFF is printed on the end sheet of the book for those interested in using this simulation in the classroom.