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Building a Digital Analytics Organization: Create Value by Integrating Analytical Processes, Technology, and People into Business Operations

by: Judah

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Publisher: FINANCIAL TIMES,23.10.13

Category: MANAGEMENT Level:

ISBN: 0133372782
ISBN13: 9780133372786

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From the foreword: ""A rigorous, professional approach to digital analytics requires the types of management approaches that are laid out in this book... Judah Phillips has been an advocate of these serious disciplines for a long time, but now the world is ready to adopt them--and the book comes along just in time... and this one is distinctive in a number of ways and brings into the digital analytics space a sophistication in both data management and data analysis that is not often found...."""-Thomas H. Davenport, author of "Competing on Analytics "and "Analytics at Work," professor at Harvard Business School and Babson College, and cofounder of the International Institute for Analytics ""The allure of Big Data is immense. There is SO MUCH DATA! Yet, data collection does nothing by itself. It actually does financial harm when left in the wrong hands. Fix that, and you win. Let Judah show you how to build an organization where Big Data's primary imperative is to drive Big Action.""-Avinash Kaushik, author of "Web Analytics 2.0 "and "Web Analytics: An Hour a Day"" "Generate Maximum Economic Value from Leading-Edge Digital Analytics and Data Science

  The complete "business practitioner's "guide to profiting from analytics on big data

  Build a focused, highly effective, cross-functional, process-oriented analytics organization, backed by the right support from other teams, funded by management, and perceived as successful by business stakeholders

  Learn and apply best practices for every task when executing digital analysis-from planning and strategy to optimization and demonstrating value creation

Digital analytics can help you grow value in virtually any market or industry in any country. To make the most of it, however, you need to create a highly-effective digital analytics organization-and that's not easy. Self-service reports, relevant dashboards, and other tools and techniques can help. "But they're only the beginning."" "This guide covers all you need to know to build a well-resourced digital analytics team, and then back it with cross-functional support and alignment from IT, marketing, finance, the executive team, and beyond...while successfully applying analytics across the business. You will learn what it means to be "doing analytics" creating analytical processes and managing teams; collecting and governing data; analyzing paid, owned, and earned media; performing competitive and qualitative analyses; testing and optimization; targeting and automating; integrating digital data; using predictive modeling and other data sciences; and much more. Drawing on years as a pioneer in the field, Judah Phillips covers the business management, process, technical, and analytical work required to tell accurate "data stories" that answer crucial business questions, "leading to more informed and better decision-making, increased revenue, and higher profits." In "Building a Digital Analytics Organization," global expert Judah Phillips thoroughly explains digital analytics to business practitioners and presents best practices for using it throughout the business to reduce costs and increase profitable revenue. Unbiased and product-independent, this guide is replete with practitioner's knowledge and examples based on Phillips' own experience. He covers critical topics from creating the business case for digital analysis, to defining and executing strategy using managed and sustainable processes, to bringing together qualitative data with quantitative data. This book can show you how to successfully integrate processes, technology, and people into all facets of analysis to generate business value. Phillips explains how to build an effective analytics team and organization that works alongside supporting teams, like IT, and business stakeholders, like Marketing, Sales, and Finance. He describes how to choose the right tools and anticipate their limitations.

  Go beyond tagging and web analytics: get a wider and more complete view of the ecosystem of digital analytics, including mobile, social, site, video, and other online devices

"Understand, define, prioritize, integrate, and manage your digital analytics opportunities when beginning, sustaining, or growing your analytics team."

  Learn to build an Analytics Value Chain to support your business goals

"Create cross-functional and integrated processes for planning, collecting, verifying, governing, analyzing, reporting, communicating, optimizing, and predicting with digital data."

  Master all "Ps" of Digital Analytics to deliver the best reporting, dashboards, and analysis for your business"

Learn critical activities and concepts useful for winning with digital analytics: People, Preengagement, Planning, Platform, Process, Production, Pronouncement, Prediction, and Profit."