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Ancient Rome for Senior Students

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Publisher: Cengage Learning,9/11/2007

Category: Level: B/I/A

ISBN: 0170134628
ISBN13: 9780170134620

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Ancient Rome for Senior Students is a topic book suited to students of Senior Ancient History in Queensland. It provides detailed studies on five themes from the syllabus.

1 A study of political centrism in Rome : Republican Rome
- Background: The rise of the Roman Republic
- Focus Question 1: Why did Tiberius go to the Citizen Assembly first for approval of his land reforms?
- Focus Question 2: What were the different sources of political power in the late Roman Republic?
- Focus Question 3: What circumstances led the three most powerful Roman politicians to agree to an amicitia (political friendship)?
- Focus question 4: Did Caesar want to be king of Rome?
- Skill: Writing a paragraph

2 Studies of everyday life during the late Roman Republic and early Roman Empire: Lives of people in Ancient Rome
- Background: Family life in ancient Rome.
- Focus question 1: What role did the City of Rome play in political life during the late Republic?
- Focus question 3: What was meant by 'bread and circuses?
- Focus question 4: What was the purpose of festivals and feasts?
- Focus question 5: Why did the Romans feel no guilt in keeping slaves?
- Skill: Referencing

3 Studies of personalities in history: Roman Emperors of the first century AD
- Background: The Julio-Claudian imperial household
- Focus Question 1: Why did the Senate accept Augustus claim that he was restoring the republic?
- Focus question 2: Why was Tiberius very unpopular?
- Focus question 3: What brought about the change in Caligulas personality?
- Focus question 4: Why was Claudius considered an enigma?
- Focus question 5: Why was Nero one of the worst Roman emperors of the Roman Empire?
- Skill: Writing an analytical essay in test conditions

4 Studies of archaeology, studies of technologies, innovations and inventions: Roman genius
- Focus question 1: What was the secret to the success of the Roman army?
- Focus question 2: What was the effect of Roman engineering?
- Focus question 3: Did "all roads lead to Rome"?
- Focus question 5: How were coins ancient advertising?
- Skill: Writing a feature article

5 Studies of religion: Study of beliefs in ancient Rome
- Background: Religions in the Roman Empire
- Focus question 1: Why did the Romans consider the Emperor divine?
- Focus question 2: How did Christianity begin?
- Focus question 3: Why were Christians persecuted?
- Focus question 4: Was the conversion of Constantine a turning point for Christianity?
- Background: A study of Europe in transition
- Focus Question 5: Christianity in the Middle Ages
- Skill: Preparing a multi-modal presentation