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Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice

by: Byron Sharp

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Publisher: OXFORD UNIVERSITY PR,12.12.12

Category: MARKETING Level: B/I/A

ISBN: 0195573552
ISBN13: 9780195573558

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Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice is a new Australasian text written for students who want to know what marketing people do, and what questions managers have to tackle in their day-to-day jobs. It's a complete package which provides all the material you and your students need for your course, including a truly integrated e-text packaged with every copy of the book, and a wealth of teaching and learning support.

Written based on evidence and the practical application of marketing skills, it clearly illustrates, through case studies and practitioner profiles, how marketing problems have been solved in business, connecting theory to practice, and providing a realistic view of the marketing world. Students will be engaged because each chapter will be a glimpse into their future career and will build the foundation for the rest of their degree.


1. What Do Marketing Executives Do? (Byron Sharp)
Marketing may be well paid and exciting ... but someone has to do it
The rise of marketing
Two types of marketing professional
Marketing science
Marketing metrics and market-based assets
Customer needs and wants
Sustainable marketing

2. Consumer Behaviour and Business Buyer Behaviour (Byron Sharp)
Knowledge is power
Most buying is repeat-buying
High-involvement decisions
Natural loyalty
Loyal switchers
Prosaic, not passionate, loyalty
The importance of memory
Why do consumers forget about us?
Emotional rational buyers
Consumer motivations
Heterogeneous consumers
Do our buyers like us?

3. Meaningful Marketing Metrics (Byron Sharp)
Why marketers need metrics
A system of marketing metrics
Financial metrics
Behavioural metrics
Memory metrics
Custom profile metrics
Marketing activity metrics
Physical availability metrics
Looks can be deceiving

4. Market Research (Anne Sharp & Katherine Anderson)
The central role of market research
Emergence of the market research industry
Jobs in market research
Commissioning research-the brief
Key stages of the research process
Secondary data and knowledge of buyer behaviour
Qualitative and quantitative data
Research design
Understanding analysis
A well-written research report

5. The Marketing Environment (Adrian Palmer, adapted by Larry Lockshin)
The marketing environment
The micro-environment
The macro-environment
Internal environment
Monitoring and responding to environmental change

6. Customer Segmentation and Targeting (Byron Sharp & Rachel Kennedy)
Segmentation-based targeting
Who really is your target?
The logic and appeal of narrow targeting
Brand user profiles seldom differ
Targeting the whole market with product variants
Segmentation does not necessarily maximise returns
Talking to everyone is possible
Database-driven targeting: A common trap
Smart targeting in practice

7. Product (Goods and Services) (David Corkindale)
What comprises a product?
Product categories
Developing and marketing new products
Product category life cycle (PLC)
Marketing services

8. Physical Availability, Retailing and Shopping (Byron Sharp & Herb Sorenson)
How stores compete
Empirical laws of shopping
The future of retailing

9. Pricing and Discounting (Dag Bennett & John Scriven)
Setting prices in an imperfect world
Starting at the floor: The cost base
Cost-based pricing
Revenue and profit
Market-based pricing
Value-based pricing
The reality of setting prices

10. Advertising (Rachel Kennedy & Byron Sharp)
Please consider our brand!
The advertising business
What can advertising do?
Briefing to get great advertising
What great ads look like
Advertising research

11. Media Decisions: Reaching Buyers with Advertising (Byron Sharp & Erica Riebe)
Commercial media
The media industry
The media planning process
Media characteristics
Putting a mix together: Integrated marketing communications
Developing the media schedule
Media data, tools and campaign evaluation

12. Strategic Marketing and Planning (Adrian Palmer, adapted by Larry Lockshin)
Managing the marketing effort
The marketing management process
Strategic, tactical and contingency planning
Organising the marketing management function
Integrating marketing management with other management functions
Marketing management and smaller businesses
Are entrepreneurs born or bred?
Managing information

13. Global Marketing (Tiffany Winchester & Maxwell Winchester)
Growth of global marketing
Differences from domestic marketing
Standardisation or localisation?
Global marketing environment

14. Social Responsiblity and Ethics (Anita Peleg & Charles Graham)
Who needs ethics?
A delicate balance of responsibilities and benefits
Theories of ethics
Ethical marketing in practice
Sustainable marketing