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Teach Yourself Visually Macs, Second Edition

by: Paul McFedries

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Publisher: Wiley,17.09.10

Category: MACINTOSH Level: B/I

ISBN: 0470888482
ISBN13: 9780470888483

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Visual coverage of the latest Apple hardware and software, including the most popular programs

Fully updated to cover all the latest changes and features that Macs have to offer, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Macs, 2nd Edition aims at helping visual learners get the most from their Mac hardware and software. Whether you're switching from a Windows machine to a Mac or you're a veteran Mac user looking to maximize all that your system has to offer, this visual guide walks you through everything from managing your photos in iPhoto, creating award worthy home movies with iMovie, browsing the Web with Safari, exploring the ever growing iTunes store, and syncing popular mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad.

  * Targets visual learners interested in getting the most from their Mac

  * Boasts full-color screen shots and illustrations as well as straightforward, step-by-step instructions

  * Demonstrates how to manage your photos in iPhoto, create movies with iMovie, browse the Web, explore the iTunes store, and sync up with an iPhone or iPad

  * Walks you through basic productivity, maintenance, and troubleshooting for a Mac

  * Transitions you from working with a PC to a Mac

Teach Youself VISUALLY Macs, 2nd Edition puts you well on your way to confidently making the most of your Mac.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Learning About Mac Types.

Understanding Mac Types.

Learn About the iMac.

Delve into the Mac Mini.

Get to Know the Mac Pro.

Check Out the MacBook Pro.

Tour the MacBook Air.

Take a Look at the MacBook.

Chapter 2: Understanding What You Can Do with Your Mac.

Create Documents.

Play and Record Music.

View and Organize Your Photos.

Play or Make a Movie or DVD.

Take Advantage of the Web.

Communicate with Others.

Organize Your Contacts and Events.

Chapter 3: Connecting Devices to Your Mac.

Connect Your Mac to an External Display.

Connect a Printer.

Connect a Fax Modem.

Connect an iPod.

Connect an iPhone.

Connect an iPad.

Connect a Bluetooth Device.

Connect Your Mac to Another Mac.

Chapter 4: Learning Mac Basics.

Explore the OS X Screen.

Tour the Dock.

Start a Program.

Switch Between Programs.

Tour a Program Window.

Select a Command from a Pull-Down Menu.

Select a Command Using a Toolbar.

Select Options with Dialog Controls.

Save a Document.

Open a Document.

Print a Document.

Edit Document Text.

Copy a File.

Move a File.

Rename a File.

Delete a File.

Chapter 5: Playing and Organizing Music.

Open and Close iTunes.

Understanding the iTunes Library.

Navigate the iTunes Window.

Play a Song.

Play a Music CD.

Import Tracks from a Music CD.

Create a Playlist.

Burn Music Files to a CD.

Edit Song Information.

Purchase Music from the iTunes Store.

Listen to an Internet Radio Station.

Subscribe to a Podcast.

Chapter 6: Viewing and Editing Your Photos.

View a Preview of a Photo.

View a Slide Show of Your Photos.

Open and Close iPhoto.

Import Photos from a Digital Camera.

View Your Photos.

Create an Album.

Crop a Photo.

Rotate a Photo.

Hide a Photo.

Straighten a Photo.

Remove Red Eye from a Photo.

Add Names to Faces in Your Photos.

Map Your Photos.

E-Mail a Photo.

Take Your Picture.

Chapter 7: Playing and Creating Digital Video.

Play a DVD Using DVD Player.

Play Digital Video with QuickTime Player.

Create a New Movie Project.

Import a Video File.

Add Video Clips to Your Project.

Trim a Clip.

Add a Transition Between Clips.

Add a Photo.

Add a Music Track.

Record a Voiceover.

Add Titles and Credits.

Play the Movie.

Create a DVD of Your Movie.

Chapter 8: Surfing the World Wide Web.

Open and Close Safari.

Select a Link.

Enter a Web Page Address.

Open a Web Page in a Tab.

Navigate Web Pages.

Navigate with the History List.

Change Your Home Page.

Bookmark Web Pages.

Search for Sites.

Download a File.

Chapter 9: Communicating via E-Mail and Chat.

Open and Close Mail.

Add an E-Mail Account.

Send an E-Mail Message.

Add a File Attachment.

Add a Signature.

Receive and Read E-Mail Messages.

Reply to a Message.

Forward a Message.

Open and Close iChat.

Add a Buddy.

Start a Text Chat.

Start an Audio Chat.

Chapter 10: Tracking Your Contacts and Events.

Open and Close Address Book.

Add a New Contact.

Edit a Contact.

Create a Contact Group.

Open and Close iCal.

Navigate the Calendar.

Create an Event.

Create a Repeating Event.

Create a To-Do Item.

Chapter 11: Working with Your MobileMe Account.

Log in to MobileMe.

Send and Receive MobileMe Mail.

Work with MobileMe Contacts.

Manage Your Schedule with MobileMe.

Share Photos with MobileMe.

Upload Files to Your iDisk.

Synchronize Your Mac with MobileMe.

Chapter 12: Customizing Your Mac.

Display System Preferences.

Change the Desktop Background.

Activate the Screen Saver.

Set Your Mac's Sleep Options.

Change the Display Resolution.

Change Your Mac's Name.

Customize the Dock.

Add an Icon to the Dock.

Hide the Dock.

Add a Widget to the Dashboard.

Chapter 13: Networking with Your Mac.

Understanding Networking.

Connect to a Wireless Network.

Connect to a Network Resource.

Turn On File and Printer Sharing.

Share a Folder.

Share a Printer.

Add a Shared Printer.

Chapter 14: Maintaining Your Mac.

Empty the Trash.

Organize Your Desktop.

Check Hard Disk Free Space.

Uninstall Unused Applications.

Set a Software Update Schedule.

Update Software by Hand.

Remove Unneeded Login Items.

Configure Time Machine Backups.

Restore Files Using Time Machine.

Recondition Your Mac Notebook Battery.

Chapter 15: Troubleshooting Your Mac.

Restart Your Mac.

Unlock System Preferences.

Force a Stuck Program to Close.

Repair a Corrupt Preferences File.

Reset a Forgotten Password.

Repair Disk Permissions.

Repair a Disk.

Reinstall Mac OS X.