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Truth. Growth. Repeat. : A Business Manual for Generation Why

by: Mike Edmonds

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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons,05.01.18

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ISBN: 0730349527
ISBN13: 9780730349525

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The Circle and Spiral of True Purpose is the book's core philosophical system. It explains how we believe selling and branding works in an always-on, super-connected world where a company's true motives will be outed by the growing numbers of a savvier, more cynical consumer. In an industry famed for creating complex strategic thinking, we worked hard to simplify the causes and effects of modern corporate behaviour, so we ordinary human beings could grasp it and apply it. It's a simple metaphor that belies its incredible power to change lives. As is shared in the book in authentic case studies. There are five points on the circle: 1. True Purpose 2. Attract 3. Innovate. 4. Grow. 5. Reward. At its core, the benefits of true purpose are very human. And it's an incredible thing to watch as people begin to realise they can use their work to achieve something greater than just an income. As we describe to them what is possible when they follow their true passions, it's like a light goes on behind their eyes, they lean in and their whole body language changes. There's electricity in the air, a shock of possibility that wasn't there before. It's incredibly powerful and you just know that something god is going to grow from this. Something not just commercially successful but of a broader good to people and their families and society. Put simply, the long-term cumulative effect of going the right way around this system compared to the wrong way, is like that of a Galaxy versus a Black Hole. Going the wrong way is an increasingly exhausting, damaging cycle of negativity and ultimately (we believe) failure. Going the right way creates the self-fuelling growth of a higher ideal that leads to people and society not just having more, but being more.