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Windows 8.1 Simplified

by: Paul McFedries

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Publisher: ,22.11.13

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ISBN: 1118826248
ISBN13: 9781118826249

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The easiest way for visual learners to get started with Windows 8

The popular Simplified series makes visual learning easier than ever, and with more than 400,000 copies sold, previous Windows editions are among the bestselling Visual books. Using a Visual approach, this book covers the new features of Windows 8.1 and provides step-by-step instructions for readers who are entirely new to the subject. Inside, you'll discover tasks on topics such as: Windows basics, creating movies, sharing their computer, working with and managing files, browsing the web, and new ways to customize Windows to work for you. This book covers the new features of Windows 8.1, including: the interface and the new and improved Internet Explorer.

  Perfect for the absolute beginner, with easy-to-follow instructions and colorful illustrations that show what's happening on the screen

  Covers Windows basics, navigating the interface, creating accounts to share a computer, customizing Windows, and working with files

  Demonstrates how to browse the web with the new version of Internet Explorer, how to use media features, and much more

  The bestselling Simplified series is designed to make it easy for visual learners to start using new technologies right away

Windows 8.1 Simplified will get you up and running in a friendly and comfortable environment in no time.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Getting Started with Windows

Start Windows 4

Explore the Windows Start Screen 6

Display the Charms Menu 7

Get to Know the Windows Apps 8

Using a Mouse with Windows 10

Connect to a Wireless Network 12

Create a Microsoft Account 14

Work with Notifications 18

Put Windows to Sleep 19

Restart Windows 20

Shut Dowbn Windows 21

Chapter 2
Launching and Working with Apps

Explore the Windows Store 24

Install an App 26

Start an App 28

Understanding Windows 8 App Windows 30

Understanding Desktop App Windows 31

Using a Ribbon 32

Using a Pull-Down Menu 34

Using a Toolbar 35

Understanding Dialog Box Controls 36

Using Dialog Boxes 38

Using Scroll Bars 40

Switch Between Running Apps 42

Update an App 44

Uninstall an App 46

Chapter 3
Surfing the World Wide Web

Understanding the World Wide Web 72

Start Internet Explorer 73

Navigate Internet Explorer 74

Select a Link 75

Enter a Web Page Address 76

Open a Web Page in a Tab 78

Navigate Web Pages 80

Find Text on a Page 81

Save Favorite Web Pages 82

Search for Sites 84

Chapter 4
Customizing Windows

Configure the Start Screen 50

Pin an App to the Start Screen 52

Open the PC Settings App 54

Change the Start Screen Background 56

Change the Lock Screen Background 58

Add an App to the Lock Screen 60

Synchronize Settings Between PCs 62

Access an App's Features 64

Pin an App to the Taskbar 66

Adjust the Volume 68

Set the Time Zone 69

Chapter 5
Sending and Receiving E-mail

Configure an E-mail Account 88

Send an E-mail Message 90

Format the Message Text 92

Set the Message Priority 93

Add a File Attachment 94

Save a Draft of a Message 96

Receive and Read E-mail Messages 98

Reply to a Message 100

Forward a Message 102

Open and Save an Attachment 104

Delete a Message 106

Create a Folder for Saving Messages 108

Chapter 6
Getting Social with Windows

Create a Contact 112

Connect to Facebook 114

Connect to Twitter 116

Connect to LinkedIn 118

Add Your Google Account 120

View a Contact 122

View Your Contacts' Activities 124

View Your Social Networking Activity 126

Post a Link to a Social Network 128

View Your Calendar 130

Add an Event to Your Calendar 132

Create a Recurring Event 134

Add an Event Reminder 135

Chapter 7
Performing Day-to-Day Tasks

Search Your PC 138

Display a Location on a Map 140

Get Directions to a Location 142

Check Your Weather Forecast 144

Plan a Trip 146

Get the Latest News 148

Track a Stock 150

Chapter 8
Working with Images

Import Images from a Digital Camera 154

Navigate the Pictures Library 156

View Your Images 158

Start a Slide Show 160

Repair an Image 162

Crop an Image 164

Rotate an Image 166

Delete an Image 167

Print an Image 168

Take a Picture with Your PC Camera 170

Chapter 9
Working with Multimedia

Import Videos from a Digital Camera 174

Navigate the Videos Library 176

Watch a Video 178

Play a Music CD 180

Copy Tracks from a Music CD 184

Navigate the Music Library 186

Play Music 188

Create a Playlist 190

Create a Radio Station 192

Chapter 10
Editing Documents

Understanding Documents 196

Create a Document 197

Save a Document 198

Open a Document 200

Edit Document Text 202

Change the Text Font 206

Find Text 208

Replace Text 210

Insert Special Symbols 212

Make a Copy of a Document 214

Print a Document 216

Chapter 11
Working with Files

View Your Files 220

Select a File 222

Change the File View 224

Preview a File 225

Copy a File 226

Move a File 227

Rename a File 228

Create a New File 229

Delete a File 230

Restore a Deleted File 231

Chapter 12
Implementing Security

Understanding Windows Security 234

Check the Action Center for Security Problems 236

Create a Picture Password 238

Lock Your Computer 242

Browse the Web Privately 244