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Principles of Managerial Finance, 6th Edition

by: Lawrence Gitman , San Diego State University, Roger Juchau , University of Western Sydney, Jack Flanagan , Australian Catholic University

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Publisher: ,21.05.10

Category: FINANCE Level:

ISBN: 1442518197
ISBN13: 9781442518193

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Once again, Principles of Managerial Finance brings you a user friendly text with strong pedagogical features and an easy-to-understand writing style. The new edition continues to provide a proven learning system that integrates pedagogy with concepts and practical applications, making it the perfect learning tool for today's students. The book concentrates on the concepts, techniques and practices that are needed to make key financial decisions in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Not only does this text provide a strong basis for further studies of Managerial Finance, but it also incorporates a personal finance perspective. The effect is that students gain a greater understanding of finance as a whole and how it affects their day-to-day lives; it answers the question "Why does finance matter to ME?"

By providing a balance of managerial and personal finance perspectives, clear exposition, comprehensive content, and a broad range of support resources, Principles of Managerial Finance will continue to be the preferred choice for many introductory finance courses.

New To This Edition



  * NEW! MyFinanceLab is a fully integrated homework and tutorial system that solves one of the biggest teaching problems in finance courses: the best way to learn finance is by solving problems, but lecturers may not have time to grade complex, multi-step problems. With algorithmically generated exercises that mirror the end-of-chapter problems, partial-credit grading, and an easy-to-use online gradebook, MyFinanceLab revolutionises homework and practice.

      NEW! Australian Virtual Finance DVD clips in MyFinanceLab.

Dr Kathy Walsh from the University of Sydney and UBS have produced videos which introduce undergraduate students to the world of finance and investment banking.

The videos include interviews with UBS employees from the Investment banking, Equity Capital Markets and Sales, and Trading and Research divisions.

The videos also provide insight into the links between roles in these areas.


  * NEW! Financial Times RSS feed available in MyFinanceLab to provide students with up-to-the-minute links and references to latebreaking news and current events.

  * NEW! The material has been updated to reflect the current global financial crisis, including the impact on efficient market theory.

  * NEW! Increased focus on corporate governance and ethics.

  * NEW! Personal Finance examples explicitly link the concepts, tools and techniques of each chapter to personal finance applications. The homework material includes personal finance problems. These demonstrate to students the usefulness of managerial finance knowledge in both business and personal financial dealings.

  * NEW! Chapter opening material focuses on "Why this chapter matters to you", while maintaining professional contexts.

  * NEW! In this edition, the emphasis is placed on scenario analysis rather than sensitivity analysis.

  * NEW! Many of the case studies have been updated and now include NZ businesses as well as Australian examples.

  * NEW! Approximately one third of the end of chapter questions are completely new and are all graded for level of difficulty.

  * NEW! The notation has been switched back to R from K to keep in line with the universal formula.

  * NEW! There are updates on the merger process and merger activities in to keep students up-to-date and aware of current movements in the market.

      NEW! Chapter 18 has been significantly revised and updated to describe today's global financial marketplace and include the latest data.


      NEW! The Companion Website has been significantly updated in many areas and now includes a detailed discussion of developing the statement of cash flows.


      NEW! Equation Help Guide Table 4.9 in Chapter 4 gives students a 'ready reckoner' summary of Key definitions, formulas and equations for Time Value of Money as a useful study aid.