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Programming iOS 6, 3rd Edition: Fundamentals of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Development

by: Neuberg, Matt

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Publisher: O'REILLY,28.02.13


ISBN: 1449365760
ISBN13: 9781449365769

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Get a solid grounding in all the fundamentals of Cocoa Touch, and avoid problems during iPhone and iPad app development. With this revised and expanded edition, you'll dig into Cocoa and learn how to work effectively with Objective-C and Xcode. This book covers iOS 6 in a rigorous, orderly fashion-ideal whether you're approaching iOS for the first time or need a reference to bolster existing skills.

Learn about features introduced with iOS 6, including Objective-C language advances, autosynthesis, autolayout, new view controller rotation rules, unwind segues, state restoration, styled text, and collection views.

  Learn Objective-C language details and object-oriented programming concepts

  Understand the anatomy of an Xcode project and all the stages of its lifecycle

  Grasp key Cocoa concepts such as relationships between classes, receiving events, and model-view-controller architecture

  Learn how views and layers are managed, drawn, composited, and animated

  Become familiar with view controllers and their relationships, along with nib and storyboard management

  Fully explore all basic interface objects such as scroll views, table views, and controls

  Delve into Cocoa frameworks for sound, video, sensors, maps, and other features

  Touch on advanced topics such as threading and networking

          Chapter 1 Just Enough C

                  Compilation, Statements, and Comments

                  Variable Declaration, Initialization, and Data Types





                  Flow Control and Conditions


                  Pointer Parameters and the Address Operator


                  The Standard Library

                  More Preprocessor Directives

                  Data Type Qualifiers

          Chapter 2 Object-Based Programming


                  Messages and Methods

                  Classes and Instances

                  Class Methods

                  Instance Variables

                  The Object-Based Philosophy

          Chapter 3 Objective-C Objects and Messages

                  An Instance Reference Is a Pointer

                  Messages and Methods

                  Typecasting and the id Type

                  Messages as Data Type

                  C Functions



          Chapter 4 Objective-C Classes

                  Class and Superclass

                  Interface and Implementation

                  Header File and Implementation File

                  Class Methods

                  The Secret Life of Classes

          Chapter 5 Objective-C Instances

                  How Instances Are Created


                  The Keyword self

                  The Keyword super

                  Instance Variables and Accessors

                  Key-Value Coding


                  How to Write an Initializer


          Chapter 6 Anatomy of an Xcode Project

                  New Project

                  The Project Window

                  The Project File and Its Dependents

                  The Target

                  From Project to App

          Chapter 7 Nib Management

                  A Tour of the Nib-Editing Interface

                  Nib Loading and File's Owner

                  Making and Loading a Nib

                  Outlet Connections

                  Action Connections

                  Additional Initialization of Nib-Based Instances

          Chapter 8 Documentation

                  The Documentation Window

                  Class Documentation Pages

                  Sample Code

                  Other Resources

          Chapter 9 Life Cycle of a Project

                  Device Architecture and Conditional Code


                  Editing Your Code

                  Navigating Your Code


                  Unit Testing

                  Static Analyzer


                  Running in the Simulator

                  Running on a Device

                  Profile and Device Management

                  Version Control



                  Ad Hoc Distribution

                  Final App Preparations

                  Submission to the App Store


          Chapter 10 Cocoa Classes




                  Optional Methods

                  Some Foundation Classes

                  The Secret Life of NSObject

          Chapter 11 Cocoa Events

                  Reasons for Events




                  Data Sources


                  The Responder Chain

                  Swamped by Events

                  Delayed Performance

                  Application Lifetime Events

          Chapter 12 Accessors and Memory Management

                  Key-Value Coding

                  Memory Management


          Chapter 13 Data Communication


                  Instance Visibility


                  Key-Value Observing


          Chapter 14 Views

                  The Window

                  Subview and Superview

                  Visibility and Opacity


                  Bounds and Center



          Chapter 15 Drawing

                  UIImage and UIImageView

                  Graphics Contexts

                  UIImage Drawing

                  CGImage Drawing

                  CIFilter and CIImage

                  Drawing a UIView

                  Graphics Context Settings

                  Paths and Drawing



                  Colors and Patterns

                  Graphics Context Transforms


                  Points and Pixels

                  Content Mode

          Chapter 16 Layers

                  View and Layer

                  Layers and Sublayers

                  Drawing in a Layer


                  Shadows, Borders, and More

                  Layer Efficiency

                  Layers and Key-Value Coding

          Chapter 17 Animation

                  Drawing, Animation, and Threading

                  UIImageView and UIImage Animation

                  View Animation

                  Implicit Layer Animation

                  Core Animation

                  Animation and Autolayout


                  Emitter Layers

                  CIFilter Transitions

          Chapter 18 Touches

                  Touch Events and Views

                  Receiving Touches

                  Restricting Touches

                  Interpreting Touches

                  Gesture Recognizers

                  Touch Delivery


          Chapter 19 View Controllers

                  The View Controller Hierarchy

                  View Controller and View Creation


                  Presented View Controller

                  Tab Bar Controllers

                  Navigation Controllers

                  Page View Controller

                  Container View Controllers


                  View Controller Lifetime Events

                  View Controller Memory Management

                  State Restoration

          Chapter 20 Scroll Views

                  Creating a Scroll View



                  Scroll View Delegate

                  Scroll View Touches

                  Scroll View Performance

          Chapter 21 Table Views and Collection Views

                  Table View Cells

                  Table View Data

                  Table View Selection

                  Table View Scrolling and Layout

                  Table View State Restoration

                  Table View Searching

                  Table View Editing

                  Table View Menus

                  Collection Views

          Chapter 22 Popovers and Split Views

                  Configuring and Displaying a Popover

                  Managing a Popover

                  Dismissing a Popover

                  Popovers and Presented Views

                  Popover Segues

                  Automatic Popovers

                  Split Views

          Chapter 23 Text

                  Attributed Strings




                  Core Text

          Chapter 24 Web Views

                  Loading Web View Content

                  Web View State Restoration

                  Communicating with a Web View

          Chapter 25 Controls and Other Views







                  Appearance Proxy

          Chapter 26 Modal Dialogs

                  Alert View

                  Action Sheet

                  Dialog Alternatives

                  Local Notifications

                  Activity View

  Some Frameworks

          Chapter 27 Audio

                  System Sounds

                  Audio Session

                  Audio Player

                  Remote Control of Your Sound

                  Playing Sound in the Background

                  Further Topics in Sound

          Chapter 28 Video




                  Introduction to AV Foundation Video

          Chapter 29 Music Library

                  Exploring the Music Library

                  The Music Player

                  The Music Picker

          Chapter 30 Photo Library and Image Capture


                  Image Capture With AV Foundation

                  The Assets Library Framework

          Chapter 31 Address Book

                  Address Book Database

                  Address Book Interface

          Chapter 32 Calendar

                  Calendar Database

                  Calendar Interface

          Chapter 33 Mail and Messages

                  Mail Message

                  Text Message

                  Twitter Post

          Chapter 34 Maps

                  Displaying a Map



                  Map Kit and Current Location


                  Communicating With the Maps App

          Chapter 35 Sensors



                  Acceleration and Attitude

  Final Topics

          Chapter 36 Persistent Storage

                  The Sandbox

                  Basic File Operations

                  Saving and Reading Files

                  User Defaults

                  File Sharing

                  Document Types

                  Handing Off a Document

                  The Document Architecture




                  Core Data

                  Image File Formats

          Chapter 37 Basic Networking

                  HTTP Requests


                  Push Notifications

                  Beyond Basic Networking

          Chapter 38 Threads

                  The Main Thread

                  Why Threading Is Hard

                  Three Ways of Threading

                  Threads and App Backgrounding

          Chapter 39 Undo

                  The Undo Manager

                  The Undo Interface

                  The Undo Architecture

          Chapter 40 Epilogue