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1. Web Progrmmg In Python Publicity Sample
Author : Thiruvathukal
Published : 31st December 2001 by PRENTICE HALL

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20% Off the RRP of $0.00

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2. The Complete Python Training Course, Student Edition
Author : Harvey M. Deitel ; Paul J. Deitel ; Jonathan P. Liperi ; Ben Wiedermann
Published : July 2002 by
Package : 2pp Boxed Package

Online price: $136.45
20% Off the RRP of $170.45

OUT OF PRINT...must be sought from extended supplier network...

Features The Multimedia Cyber Classroom CD-ROM is Windows 95/98/NT/2000 compatible and includes these features that further enhance the features in the corresponding How To Program Book: Full text, illustrations and program listings of its corresponding How to Program book with full-text searching and hyperlinking. Hours of detailed, expert audio Hours of detailed, expert audio ...
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3. Complete Python Training Course (also refer to isbn 0130673749)
Author : DEITEL
Published : 2002/01/21 by

Online price: $85.75
20% Off the RRP of $107.75

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4. Python : The Complete Reference
Author : Martin Brown
Published : June-2001 by MCGRAW-HILL
Package : 1200pp Paperback w/ CD

Online price: $71.95
20% Off the RRP of $89.95

Usually ships within 3-5 business days.

Master Python--the versatile cross-platform development language. This complete reference contains distinct sections, each concentrating on a core angle of the language, including applying the Python libraries, application development, and Web and cross-platform development. This is an ideal resource for any programmer migrating from another language. DESCRIPTION *The book is split into ...
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5. Python Programming Patterns
Author : Thomas Christopher
Published : Nov-01 by PRENTICE HALL
Package : 560pp Paperback

Online price: $84.95
20% Off the RRP of $105.95

OUT OF PRINT...must be sought from extended supplier network...

Summary The real-world guide to enterprise-class Python development! Enterprise development with Python! 20+ object-oriented patterns for large-scale Python development Maximizing scalability, robustness, and reuse Leveraging modularization, toolkits, frameworks, metaprogramming, and more Python isn't just a tool for creating short Web scripts and simple prototypes: its advantages are ...
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6. Core Python Programming (1st Edition) - If you want to order the 2nd Edition, you have to perform a new search using the following ISBN: 0132269937
Author : Wesley Chun
Published : Dec-00 by
Package : 810pp Paperback

Online price: $76.95
20% Off the RRP of $95.95

This is an old edition. There is a new edition of this book available. In many cases publishers substitute to newer editions automatically... Only order if you require this exact edition.

Summary New to Python? This is the developer's guide to Python development! Learn the core features of Python as well as advanced topics such as regular expressions, multithreaded programming, Web/Internet and network development, GUI development with Tk(inter) and more Also includes features found in the new Python 1.6 and 2.0 releases CD-ROM: Complete Python distributions (source code, ...
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7. The Complete Python Training Course
Author : Harvey Deitel, Paul Deitel, Jonathan Liperi, Ben Wiedermann
Published : 2002/06/18 by PRENTICE HALL PTR

Online price: $187.95
20% Off the RRP of $234.95

OUT OF PRINT...must be sought from extended supplier network...

Master today's key Python development skills hands-on -- with live code and expert instruction from world-renowned corporate trainers and best-selling authors! Get powerful real-world experience with 14,931 lines of live code in 281 programs, 12 hours of audio annotations, hundreds of programming exercises, and more! Includes the #1 Python training CD-ROM: Python Multimedia Cyber Classroom! ...
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